Please Help Me Raise Money For The Re - Release Of

                                         'Real Good Time'                  



Why This Is So Important To Me:


Many people have asked me throughout the years what happened in 1998 after the success of Real Good Time and Girls Night Out. Why did I disappear? Why didn´t the album come out? Why didn´t I have any more songs out?


Well, the simple fact is that I was very unfortunate with some people I was involved with on the business side. I was offered a terrible rip off and unfair contract to sign in order to go forward with my career and after intense advice from lawyers and other people on my side it was very clear that there was no way I could sign that contract. I would have had to follow in the footsteps of the late Prince´s shoes and write slave on my forehead. The worst part of the contract was that if I signed it I would sign away my actual name, Alda, which was given to me by my parents. That´s how unfair this contract was.

After trying to reason with the other side for months it basically came to it that I refused to sign the contract and that is when the vendetta against me started. The person in question was nasty, full of lies and threats. There were quite a few companies who wanted to sign me at the time and we came very close, however, Mr Nasty was quick to send that company a memo threatening them with a law suit if they signed me. So this went on long enough to make me disappear from the charts and the interest soon died along with my career.


I was of course crushed by this for a very long time so this is so important to me to make this a success again. A second chance without the devil leading the way:) x